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My name is Patrick Westmoreland. I am an artist, graphic designer and website developer based in Hickory, NC. From an early age, I was labeled as a daydreamer; doodling instead of reading. While this propensity to drift away from tasks most assuredly drove my teachers mad, it also prepared me to think freely and creatively.

I'm endlessly fascinated by ideas and aesthetics. Artists play in the boundaries, bringing what's just out of view into focus. Whether I'm working on a logo, painting or website, my aim is the same: to produce something that is both conceptual and tangible; innovative yet accessible.

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Reverie Media is a full-service graphic design agency. Our expertise is in developing comprehensive branding packages for businesses of any size or sort.

Whether you're starting a new business or have an existing business in need of a fresh perspective, we can uncover the right visual language to best relay your message.

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Patrick designed a logo for my podcast, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod, which has become one of the top-ranked and most-downloaded travel shows on the web. The logo is the first thing newcomers see, and it makes an impression. Patrick later designed my website logo and business card, and I get compliments on them every day. Great guy and totally reliable. An A+ artist.

Aaron Wallace, Author, Podcaster, Attorney
Aaron Wallace